Things to do in the south of France


With the numerous attractions in Marseille, it’s not easy to ring a bell on those outside of Marseille. However, you could also enjoy diverse landscapes of the south of France, either by train, only 18 minutes, or by car, up to 2 hours. Hereunder, several suggestions are given to take full advantage of your stay in the Provence-Alpes.


Saturate yourself in the aromatic fields of lavender in Aix-en-Provence. This flower sea is a sight you simply cannot afford to miss. Place yourself in the middle of the fields to capture the vivid violet colour lavender in bloom though the eye of your camera. It’s also an incredible treasure trove for craft-lovers with earthenware workshops in the hilltop village of Moustiers-Ste-Marie. (35.7km from Marseille) More information can be found here.



Arles offers you diverse world heritages of UNESCO. You have the chance to traverse from roman period, middle ages, renaissance and classical periods, 19th century and even contemporary architectures just within a few hours. This is also the source of Van Gogh’s inspiration. (80km from Marseille) More information can be found here.


Explore the fabulous museum of The Musee du Petit-Palais. Take a close look at the most extensive collection of paintings and sculptures of renaissance period. Do not miss seeing The Pont St-Bénezet which was originally built between 1175 and 1185 on the Rhone. (102km from Marseille).